Birthday Project

Hey guys!

As I’m sure a bunch of you probably know, Asher’s 16th Birthday will be coming up on September 6 and I have decided that it would be a cool idea to put together a surprise Fan Book to send him for his birthday from all of us fans! Our Deadline to send things in is: August 28, 2018!


  • Write Asher a message, wish him a happy birthday, tell him your favorite song of his, etc. put some thought into it and write him a nice message for him!
  • You may also send in a photo of yourself for the fan book if you would like to! If you’re under 18, please ask your parents permission before sending in a photo for the fan book with your message. You do NOT have to send in a photo if you don’t want to or can’t!
  • If you do want to send in a photo and are allowed, it could be cool if you wanted to take a photo wearing Asher’s merch (you can buy at for him to see!
  • Please make sure you include your name! First names only are fine if you prefer.
  • Please include your country and state so it can be put under your name in the fan book with your message.

Please send all submissions to BEFORE our deadline: August 28, 2018!